How to Find a Loyal Friend?

jituFinding loyal friends is not a simple task by any means as they would be someone you can count on for the rest of your life and share both your good and hard times. Loyal Friend influences your life more than anything and anybody else in the whole World. This is the reason why you should carefully find loyal friends for yourself instead of assuming each and every friend of yours as your loyal friend.

Before making loyal friends or getting yourself involved into a friendship, you should make sure that you know the principles of the purpose. You should know the purpose of being friends with an individual. You should also know your temperaments and moods and finally you should determine the knowledge of wisdom your friend might have.

The purpose of friendship should be really clear to you in order to find some loyal friends. You should make friends to become better as a person and as an individual human being. You should know that having a friend is going to change your life’s perspectives in a lot of ways and your life wouldn’t be the same anymore. The motive shouldn’t be gaining something or everything you can; instead you should have a spirit of giving and sharing. While finding loyal friends for yourself make certain of their nature and needs. Don’t become friends with the ones who are not in accordance with the type of nature you possess.

While finding loyal friends, you should also seek out for the fact that the person should be trustworthy and never hurry up in getting involved with the friendships that easily. Sometimes, things wouldn’t turn out the way you want them to or you might not find the person as nice as you thought he or she was going to turn out. So, it is better to remain selective when it comes to fining loyal friends rather considering each and every friend of yours as your loyal friend.

Understanding your temperament and the other person is essential because when you don’t know your own weaknesses and strengths, it gets really difficult to manage the network or cluster of your loyal friends. Make yourself the right person for everyone, learn to bear and be patient with everyone that is around you. So, in the way, you would surely find some loyal friends for yourself that will remain as your loyal friends for most part of the remainder of your life.

49 thoughts on “How to Find a Loyal Friend?”

  1. Cari musuh yang loyal lebih gampang daripada nyari temen yang loyal, umumnya sekarang kalo kita ada duit banyak kita bisa punya temen banyak, nah kalo dah gak da duit ya pada kabur mereka

  2. Keep Ukhuwah!!
    Berteman pun harus pinter2 milih, kalo brteman dengan penjual minyak wangi, minimal kita kecipratan wanginya, begtu pun dengan teman, jika teman kita baik, pintar, soleh, yahh… minimal kecipratan pinter, baik and solehnya ^_^

  3. The answer: There’s no eternal in this life, we can not expect much for this life, I mean, we are still in high enthusiasm to chase our dreams and objective but still we have to spare failure. It’s same in friendship or relationship, there’s no eternal :)

  4. It is kindly easy to find many friends in our daily life, but yes, its such a hard thing to find a (will be) loyal person who can accompany us in our daily life day by day.. I think, it is more important to be a loyal friend by our own self for others than ask peoples to do that for us..

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