What is the Android OS?

AndroidThe Android operating system is a lot like the Windows operating system you use on your PC but it is specifically developed to work on small, low power handsets like smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to run as efficiently as possible while using as little power as possible. Android Inc. got global recognition when in August 2005 Google bought out the company and then immediately announced that they will be making the operating system Open Source so that anyone can use it without having to pay for it or pay any royalties. Continue reading

Unlocked when buying a mobile or smartphone?

Unlocking Phone

An unlocked phone can mean one of two things; it can be used on any network carrier or you are free to install any application on it. With the price of today’s smartphones running to several hundred dollars the phone manufacturers and the network carriers have to provide some tempting offers to get people to upgrade their phone or get the latest smartphone. The most common tactic is to offer the phone for free or at a deep discount and in return you sign up to a contract where you agree to pay a minimum amount each month. The sting in the tail is that although you get the latest phone worth hundreds of dollars, it is often locked to the carrier you took the contract out with so if you want to switch carriers or move to a pay as you go plan when the contract expires you’ll have a hard time taking your phone with you. Continue reading

Using Android for Business

Android Apps for BusinessFor the last 5 years the Blackberry phones have been synonymous with business and there is not a city worker worth their salt who would be without their trusty Blackberry – even the current President of America, Barack Obama is a self confessed Blackberry addict. But with the rise of Android and the innovation the open platform brings, is it about time businesses review their love affair with the Blackberry? Continue reading

How To Start Developing Apps for Android

Android Developer Plaque

Google has created the Android operating system so that anyone and everyone with the right skills can create applications to run on an Android smartphone. Google’s approach to developing smartphones is completely opposite to Apple, who prefer control over the software that people can put on their iPhones. The open nature of Android means that you can literally develop whatever you want and people can download and install it and many developers have jumped ship from iPhone apps to developing for the Android because of the freedom it gives them. Continue reading

Do You Need to be Concerned About Android Security

Protect Android SmartphoneFrom hacks to malware, smartphone security is beginning to become a menace that manufacturers are battling to contain. As the explosion in people buying smartphones continues, so does the number of criminal gangs and lonely computer nerds looking for a way to hack or steal information from your phone. Continue reading

Customizing Your Android Phone

HTC Smart PhoneThe great selling point of an Android phone is its almost limitless customization options when compared to the likes of the iPhone and Blackberry. If there is anything that you don’t like about an app, a feature or function then rest assured that there is a multitude of alternatives available to you. Continue reading