Hidden BlackBerry Shortcuts

NOTE: Keep in mind that some of these codes may be a little different for SureType and touchscreen BlackBerrys. If I am not mistaken on the Storm you need to go to landscape view and open the keyboard from the menu and then hold down alt and type the keys. General alt+nmll @ home screen […]

Why should I buy an Android phone?

Android has come a long way since 2005 when Google bought a relatively unknown company called Android Inc. Over the course of half a decade Google opened up the platform and let anyone download, modify, customize, use and distribute it for free. Freedom is the keyword that separates Android from all the other smartphones in […]

Things that make smartphone smart

What is a Smartphone? The name given to handheld devices which performs more tasks than a regular cell phone phone is smartphone. To be perfectly honest, the word smartphone is a bit misleading because it’s very hard to define where a cell phone stops being a cell phone and becomes a smartphone. In 1973, Motorola […]

What is the Android OS?

The Android operating system is a lot like the Windows operating system you use on your PC but it is specifically developed to work on small, low power handsets like smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to run as efficiently as possible while using as little power as possible. Android Inc. got global recognition when in […]

Unlocked when buying a mobile or smartphone?

An unlocked phone can mean one of two things; it can be used on any network carrier or you are free to install any application on it. With the price of today’s smartphones running to several hundred dollars the phone manufacturers and the network carriers have to provide some tempting offers to get people to […]

Using Android for Business

For the last 5 years the Blackberry phones have been synonymous with business and there is not a city worker worth their salt who would be without their trusty Blackberry – even the current President of America, Barack Obama is a self confessed Blackberry addict. But with the rise of Android and the innovation the […]

Android Apps You Can’t Live Without

There are tens of thousands of Android applications available in the marketplace so choosing just 10 of the best apps is a very difficult job. However, we’ve gone through hundreds of different apps and compiled these top 10 Android apps that you can’t live without. Handcent SMS The default Android messaging app is ok, but […]

How To Start Developing Apps for Android

Google has created the Android operating system so that anyone and everyone with the right skills can create applications to run on an Android smartphone. Google’s approach to developing smartphones is completely opposite to Apple, who prefer control over the software that people can put on their iPhones. The open nature of Android means that […]

Do You Need to be Concerned About Android Security

From hacks to malware, smartphone security is beginning to become a menace that manufacturers are battling to contain. As the explosion in people buying smartphones continues, so does the number of criminal gangs and lonely computer nerds looking for a way to hack or steal information from your phone. Malware cannot just disable various functions […]

Things an Android phone can do

The debate between Android and iPhone is becoming as worn and tiresome as the eternal debate between Windows and OSX. However, as ardent Android supporters we thought we’d put together a comprehensive list on 11 things that an Android phone can do that an iPhone can’t. Openness: The Android operating system is open source and […]